Make beautiful webshops in a breeze

Use Vue JS and Apollo Client to easily create webshops. Storefront connects to a Shopify backend and allows you to create beautiful front ends, with modern tools and processes.

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The Problem

Shopify is a fantastic tool for your customers to run their webshop. But when it comes to building front ends for stores it’s lacking behind.

  • You have to maintain a connection between your local environment and Shopify.

  • You are locked in using tools like Themekit.

  • You are forced to use Liquid, Shopify’s own templating language.

  • It’s not easy to implement a modern javascript framework such as Vue or React.

  • If you have to compile ES6 you need to run a separate build tool.

The Solution

But there is a solution. Storefront is library that allows you to build front ends that are separated from Shopify and host them wherever you want.

  • Shopify API

    Automatically fetch data from Shopify. It’s utilizing the new Storefront API.

  • Minimize Data Load

    Minimizes the amount of data fetched using GraphQL.

  • Caching

    Apollo Client automatically caches queries to increase page load.

  • Pre-Built Components

    Components for the most common elements on a webshop. These components are very flexible and can be extended or overwritten.

  • Modern Tooling

    Create the entire webshop with Vue. Add any dependencies you wish and compile it all down using Gulp, Webpack or whatever tool you prefer.

  • Use on your existing website

    Storefront can be used on your existing Vue SPA, even if you use Vuex, Redux or somethign else.

Click here to see a demo store built with Storefront

Get Started

It’s really easy to get started. Just install the library with NPM or Yarn and follow the setup instructions in the documentation. If you are building a commercial site then you have to buy a license.


Commercial License

In order to use Storefront JS on a commercial site you need to buy a license. It costs 49$. A license is valid for one website. Once you've purchased a license you'll receive a PDF.

Open Source

If you are working on an open source project or just want to play around with the library it’s free to do so.

Buy a license

Thanks for purchasing a Storefront license. You will receive your license in an email shortly. Check out how to use Storefront in the docs.

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